9 Tips for Better Using TESS GIFT AI Voice Mouse

For the first time to use TESS GIFT voice mouse, you need to set the software correctly to use it smoothly. Here are 9 tips to help you better use our voice mouse.

Setting Interface Language of Software

The interface after starting the software is as follows.

At first you need to set the interface language if necessary. We can choose the interface language as English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and Japanese. English is for most users.

Setting the “Voice Typing” Language

First click the “App Setting” tab, then click the inverted triangle icon to select your native language in the “User Language” drop-down box, for example, we choose French. There are 115 languages to choose from.

You can press the ”Voice Typing” key on the mouse to use this function.

Setting the “Voice Translation” Language

When you select French as the user language, in the “Speech Recognition” block, French is the default input language, then you can click the inverted triangle icon and select the output language in the box that appears. There are 47 languages to choose from.

You can press the ”Voice Translation” key on the mouse to use this function.

Setting the “Text Translation” Language

“Text Translation” function is turned off by default. If you want to use “Text Translation” function, you have to turn it on.

Please note that the software for Mac OS system does not have “Text Translation” function.

When you use the “Text Translation” function, it can automatically detect the language. 

In this block, click on the inverted triangle icon and select the language you want to translate into.

Here is a translation example. When you select a text, a prompt box will appear on the screen.

Click the “Transl” icon, the selected text is translated into the target language.

You can also switch the target language by clicking the inverted triangle icon on the prompt box.

Setting the “Preferences”

You can click the Preferences button for more options.

Setting the Preferences of “Continuous text”

By default, you have to press and hold down the voice input key of the mouse to input text continuously.

If you turn on the “Continuous text” switch, you don’t have to press the mouse buttons all the time, just press and release your hand.

Don’t forget to save the changes in preferences.

Then the microphone built into the mouse will start to receive your sound and convert it to text. At the same time, the following prompt box will appear on the computer screen.

Setting the Preferences of “Edit to send”

By default, when you use “voice translation” function, the translated text is sent automatically. 

After you turn on the “Edit to send” switch, “Auto to send” switch is turned off Automatically.

In some cases, when you think that your voice input is not accurate enough, you can click the “Edit Icon” on the prompt box, then modify your input text to make the translation more accurate.

Setting the Preferences of “Remove punctuation”

By default, speech input text is punctuated.

In some cases, we don’t want punctuation, such as when typing text in Excel, then we can turn on the switch of “Remove punctuation”.

Don’t forget to save the changes in preferences.

Adjust the function of the Enter key between the “Back key” and “Enter key”

We can press the “Enter Key” on the mouse to make the same function as on the Keyboard.

When you press “Enter Key” on the mouse, the previously entered text has been deleted.  In this case, you can click the “Equip Manager” tab on the software settings interface,  adjust the function of the “Enter key” on the mouse between the “Back key” and “Enter key”.

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