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As a global brand, TESSGIFT® provides comprehensive support for our partners to yield mutual benefits and business success.

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Direct Cooperation

You’ll work directly with us so that you receive immediate technical support and a reliable supply chain.


As a leading brand, we provide the AI Voice Mouse with the best user experience.


As part of TESSGIFT® family, we provide marketing and sales support, as well as aftersales training.

How to Join



Fill out and submit your application.


Eligibility Review

Application check.



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If you pass our review, we’ll contact you by phone or email to discuss options.


Review Terms and Contracts

We finalize an agreement and sign contracts.


You’re an Official Partner

Someone from the TESSGIFT team will be in touch to begin working together!

Explore the Market

Anyone who uses a computer needs an AI Voice Mouse

Business People

Quick communication with business partners to solve more problems and earn more money at the same time.

Office Staff

Typing faster and process more documents. Keep in touch with more customers every work day.

Can't Speak Foreign Language

People need to chat online but do not understand each other’s language. No need to spend time to learn a new language.

Writing Workers

Subtitle group, translation group need fast text input their native language or foreign languages.

College Students

University or graduate students who need to write a thesis.

Old People

Elderly people who are not skilled in computer operations. Just say what you want to do.

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