Most frequent questions and answers

The mouse needs to be used together with the software TESS GIFT to realize the voice functions. Please take some time to read the User Manual to learn how to download and install the software.

The “voice command” function is not based on Google’s AI intelligence engine, but on the mouse manufacturer’s own server. This mouse was invented by the Chinese, so the recognition and execution program of voice commands was developed for Chinese at the beginning. Since English is the main international language, then the recognition and execution program of voice commands was developed for English.

For other languages, this functional module will be selectively developed based on market demand in the future.

The Mac OS system is not an open system, and the system permissions for applications are limited.

For Mac OS, we recommend searching and downloading the “Tess Gift ” software in the Mac App Store. Then, click ” GET” and INSTALL” to install the software in your Mac OS system.

After installing “TESS GIFT”, if the voice functions of the mouse cannot be used, please open “System Preferences” then click “Security and Privacy”, then authorize “Accessibility” permission to “TESSGIFT”.

As soon as you open “TESS GIFT”, the following prompt will appear on the rigth cornor of your computer screen, it means that the voice functions of the mouse can be used normally. If this prompt does not appear, please check your network connection.



Limitation of Mac OS System

The permission of MacOS system is limited so some functions of the mouse are also limited. The voice search function and text translation function can not be used in MacOS system.

This situation means that the mouse’s microphone can receive sound, but cannot perform conversion and writing. Please check the system security software & antivirus software to see if the mouse program is blocked from running.

For example, for Kaspersky Internet Security, when installing the app for the first time, the following prompt will pop up:

At this time, Kaspersky Internet Security is asking the user whether to allow the mouse APP to receive audio streams and should select “Allow”, otherwise, the mouse’s intelligent voice function will not work normally.

This situation means that the mouse’s microphone is not receiving sound. Please select “KAMOUSE” as the input microphone in the “System – Sound – Input” settings.

The following are the Windows 10 system settings:

The setting path is: Settings → System → Sound → Input → Select Input Device. Please select “KAMouse” as the sound input device (marked by the red arrow).

If the setting is successful, press and hold the mouse voice input key to make a sound, and the “Test Microphone” progress bar below will fluctuate with the sound.

The following are the Windows 11 system settings:

The setup method is similar to the Windows 10 system.

The text translation function borrows the Windows “clipboard” control. It is recommended to turn off this function in the APP when the text translation function is not used.

The text translation function needs to borrow the system clipboard function. Occasionally, malfunctions occur when other programs occupy the system clipboard. Just turn off the text translation function in the APP, and then turn it on again. If it still can’t be solved, can consider exiting the APP and re-entering. The text translation function is connected to the Google translation engine. Occasionally, special characters may not be recognized. If you get a “translation error” prompt, consider skipping the special symbols and just translating the text.

You can enable the third-party application software to use the mouse’s microphone by following the path of “Device Management – Third-party Application Microphone Permission” in the mouse APP. At this time, the microphone of the mouse will no longer be a dedicated microphone of the mouse, but will become a part of the microphone of the computer and can also be used by other application.

There is no limit, but the same mouse can only be used on one computer at a time.

Some users mistakenly regarded the wireless mouse as a wired mouse and connected the computer with a charging cable. Please plug the wireless receiver (dongle) on the bottom of the mouse into the USB port of the computer to complete the connection. The cable in the mouse box is for charging only.

Step 1: please check whether the switch at the bottom of the mouse is turned on. 

Step 2: please check whether the mouse is still powered (when the power is low, the mouse wheel will flash red).

This does not mean that the hardware is damaged, because we are using non-visible light photoelectric sensing technology.

The use of non-visible light photoelectric sensing technology is a more advanced technology, and has obvious advantages in product safety certification.

Different languages have different influence and weight in the world. English, Spanish, French, etc., are used by a large number of people, are widely distributed, and the regional economy is relatively developed and has a strong influence. For such languages, Google has invested more, with sufficient AI corpus, and relatively accurate recognition and translation. For some unknown minor languages, limited by the number of users, geographical distribution, and economic weight, Google’s investment is insufficient, AI corpus is not much, and recognition and translation are relatively inaccurate.

Intelligent voice mouse is a tool to improve work efficiency and break language barriers. If the AI recognition and translation accuracy of a certain language is not enough, it will greatly affect the user experience and fail to achieve the intended purpose. This means that the AI service in this language is actually not up to the level of commercial use, and it cannot be included in the mouse language list.

The mute button technology is already a mature technology, and it is not difficult to achieve. However, the service life of the mute button is generally about 1/4 of that of the ordinary button. If customers need mass customization (≥1000), we can customize a batch of silent products for customers.

Inform the customer to buy a new receiver, which can be used after pairing.

Inform the customer that other mobile phone charging cables with the same interface can be used instead.

During the warranty period, the battery will be replaced free of charge; if the warranty period is exceeded, the battery will be replaced at a cost.

After disassembly, if it can be easily repaired, repair it; if it cannot be repaired easily, replace it with a new one. It is free during the warranty period, and costs will be charged beyond the warranty period.

The mouse driver software can run on windows7 and above systems, Mac OS 10.13 and above systems. As long as the computer system is suitable, the mouse can be used, regardless of the computer’s hardware form.

The mouse has a built-in digital microphone, which can pick up sound by itself, and can also be used with third-party software. Desktop computers without a microphone will not affect the use of the mouse.

Tablet computers or mobile phones, if they are not windows or Mac OS systems, will not be able to adapt to this mouse.