NewsWatch TV’s Report on TESS GIFT AI Voice Mouse

An Exclusive Interview with Tess by Xinhua News Agency in the United States

In January 2022, Tess took the AI Voice Mouse to the CES exhibition in Las Vegas, where the AI Voice Mouse attracted the attention of Xinhua’s Los Angeles Bureau and gave us a special report. (related: Young female Chinese entrepreneur takes CES tech show by storm)

NewsWatch TV’s report on TESS GIFT AI Voice Mouse

At the same time, the AI Voice Mouse also attracted local media in the United States.

NewsWatch TV in Washington, D.C., reporting on TESS GIFT AI Voice Mouse, it was broadcast nationwide on March 11, 2022.

NewsWatch TV founded in 1990 as a consumer electronics media veteran, a regular consumer CES guest, and a CES columnist. They found and reported our AI Voice Mouse at CES, which was Homogamy.

Currently, a video of TESS GIFT AI Voice Mouse is available on the home page of NewsWatch TV with news report headline Language barriers are a thing of the past with AI Mouse.

NewsWatch has also thoughtfully made a Social version, with subtitles, to make it easy for us to promote it on Social media platforms, so that people who can’t hear the story in English can also understand the features.

Today, it’s been exactly two years since we decided in March 2020 to start our own brand TESS GIFT of AI Voice Mouse.

We will keep up the good work, and maybe TESS GIFT AI Voice Mouse will take the stage.