TESSGIFT® AI Voice Mouse

With just a click of a button on the mouse, you can type anywhere using your voice or even get instant translations. It’s like having your own personal assistant right at your fingertips!


Top-rated AI Voice Mouse in the World

The Perfect Companion for Multilingual Users

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"My friend sent this AI mouse as gift on New Year holidays. I tested it around 3 month and it's very good."


"I bought one to try, I found it to be very good. Translates many languages, the translation speed is very fast."


"I will need good pictures and videos for my webPage, I will kill it with this mouse."

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The No.1 AI Voice Mouse in the World
Best Combination of Hardware and Software
  • Patented Software "TESS GIFT"
  • Google Commercial AI Powered with Global Servers
  • supports Both Windows and Mac systems
  • Voice Typing Supports 115 User Languages
  • Voice Translation Supports 47 Targeted Languages
  • Passed the certifications for Japan, UK, EU, and US markets
  • Built-in electronic microphone to achieve the best sound reception
  • Built-in Rechargable Lithium Battery can Last for 15 days to 30 days

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Other Voice Mouse

Why Cheap?
It will not work well outside of China
  • Depend on "Baidu / iFlytek voice assistant"
  • Baidu / iFlytek AI with Servers only in China
  • Some only supports windows system
  • Voice Typing Supports Only Chinese & English
  • Voice Translation Supports 28 Targeted Languages
  • No Certification - Product Quality and Safety are not Guaranteed
  • No microphone - need to use an existing microphone
  • Normal Battery - need to frequently replace the battery

Give me ONE minute, I will Surprise you!

Some customers came to our booth and said: “I am here, so surprise me.”

YouTube celebrity Linus was surprised by the AI Voice Mouse at 2024 CES show

Mouse Features

It’s compatible with all text editors!

Say goodbye to tedious typing and hello to efficient, effortless work.

Experience the freedom to type anywhere with TESS GIFT AI Voice Mouse

Google Voice Recognizing Technology

Using the world’s best voice recognition technology for the best user experience. The Accuracy is 95% ~ 98%


Supports 115 Languages

Don’t worry about non-standard pronunciation. In the same language, different accents can be recognized accurately. Voice typing can reach 400 words a minute.


Instantly Translates

One click input, no need to copy and paste back and forth between translation software and the text edit box. Any two languages can be translated into each other.

Supported Systems

Easy for Everyone – TESS GIFT AI Voice Mouse is Perfect for the Vast Majority of Computer Users.

Windows 7/8/10/11

Get TESS GIFT Software Instantly - Just Hold Down the Mouse Scroll Wheel!

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MacOS 10.13 & later

Search "TESS GIFT" in Apple App Store.

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Indian girls were amazed by the AI Voice Mouse at 2024 CES show

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Why upgrade to AI voice mouse?


Save your precious time

Why type when you can talk? - Let AI Voice Mouse do the typing for you! Don't worry about typos anymore.


Free your hands from the keyboard

Don't let keyboard fatigue slow you down. AI Voice Mouse is here to help.



Barrier-free communication

AI Voice Mouse: Making cross-cultural communication easier than ever before.

Why TESS GIFT AI voice mouse?

the best hardware

independent software

the best user experience

With The Best Microphone

The best effect of receiving sound and ensure the best users experience.

Make The Most Out of Your Time with TESS GIFT AI Voice Mouse


Imagine saving an hour every day, that’s 365 hours saved every year!

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Get your hands on this incredible tool and start typing and translating faster than ever before.

Don’t waste any more time, order now and experience the power of TESS GIFT AI Voice Mouse!

Recognizes Your Unique Accent

English (20): Australia, Bahamas, Belize, Canada, Dominica, Fiji, Ghana, Guyana, India, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, New Zealand, Nigeria, Philippines, South Africa, Saint Kitts, Tanzania, United Kingdom, United States.

Spanish (20): Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, International, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela.

Arabic (18): Morocco, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mauritania, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Sudan, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Armenia.

Tamil (4): India, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka.

French (3)Canada, France, Switzerland.

Chinese (3): Mandarin (Mainland), Mandarin (Taiwan), Cantonese.

Portuguese (2)Brazil, Portugal.

Bengali (2)Bangladesh, India.

Swahili (2)Kenya, Tanzania.

Other Languages (39): Finnish (Finland), Afrikaans (South African), Bulgarian (Bulgaria), Catalan (Spain), Croatian (Croatia), Czech (Czech), Danish (Denmark),  Dutch (Netherlands), German (Germany), Greek (Greece), Hebrew (Israel), 

Hungarian language (Hungary), Icelandic (Iceland), Indonesian (Indonesia), Italian (Italy), Japanese (Japan), Javanese (Indonesia), Khmer (Cambodia), Korean (Korea), Latvian (Latvia), Lithuanian (Lithuania), Malaysian (Malaysia), Nepali (Nepal), Bokmal (Norway), Polish (Poland), Romanian (Romania), Russian (Russia), Serbian (Serbia), Sinhala (Sri Lanka), Slovak (Slovakia), Slovenian (Slovenia) ), Sundanese (Indonesia), Swedish (Sweden), Thai (Thailand), Turkish (Turkey), Ukrainian (Ukraine),Vietnamese(Vietnam), Burmese(Myanmar), Urdu(Pakistan), Only the Windows system supports.

Voice Typing

Revolutionize the Way You Work - AI Voice Mouse Instantly Converts Your Speaking Voice to Text.


Voice Translation

Say Hello to a World of Possibilities - AI Voice Mouse Translates Your Voice to 45 Languages Instantly.


Voice Search

Say Goodbye to Clicking - AI Voice Mouse Lets You Open Files, Folders, and Applications with Your Voice.

Give Yourself A Gift

Make the most out of your time with TESS GIFT AI Voice Mouse.

Imagine saving an hour every day, that’s 365 hours saved every year!

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Get your hands on this incredible tool and start typing and translating faster than ever before.

Don’t waste any more time, order now and experience the power of TESS GIFT AI Voice Mouse!

What’s in the Box

AI voice mouse

2.4GHZ wireless receiver

USB to Type-C Charging Cable


Get your voice input ready soon!

After you get TESS GIFT AI Voice Mouse, please download and install the software according to the User Manual.

Set the speaking language & target translation language, and Set Your Preferences to start enjoying efficient typing.

Work efficiently with AI Voice Mouse

With just one click, you can easily start writing in 115 languages.

Fast Typing in your primary language

To start speech recognition and input text, simply click the "Microphone Icon" on the mouse. The text will then appear at the cursor's position.

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Speak your primary language and write in your second language

Simply click the "Translation Icon" on the mouse and start speaking in your native language. The software will automatically recognize your speech and translate it into your target language.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, regardless of the app, you can use voice typing with Tess Mouse wherever you can enter text.

  • Tess mouse uses the paid Google speech recognition server, while almost all online voice to text services use free servers. Google Paid services are more stable and accurate than free services. 
  • Online voice to text service can only enter text on web pages, you need to copy-paste back and forth between the place where you need to enter the text and the web page.
  • First of all, the dictation application that comes with the computer system also uses a free speech recognition service. It’s not as good as Tess Mouse in terms of recognition accuracy and stability.
  • Secondly, according to Mac Os dictation experience, it can only input continuously for one minute, and after one minute, whether you want to continue speaking or not, it will automatically stop, then you need to turn dictation on again and again. Tess Mouse won’t interrupt your voice input, as long as you keep speaking, it will work all the time. It only stops speech recognition after you stop speaking for a minute.
  • Almost all the cheap voice mice you can find online use free voice recognition services that there is no guarantee in terms of recognition accuracy and stability. Tess Mouse uses Google’s paid commercial voice recognition service to ensure the best user experience.
  • Tess Mouse can achieve mutual translation between 115 languages.  Other cheap voice mouse has only two or three languages can be translated to each other.
  • In terms of hardware cost, Tess Mouse use the best electronic. While other cheap voice mice use ordinary microphones or even no microphones, it must use the microphone that comes with your computer.
  • From the point of view of the safety and stability of the built-in battery of the mouse, Tess Mouse uses lithium batteries that have passed various certifications, while other cheap voice mice use ordinary batteries.
  • Considering the convenience of use, each function key of Tess Mouse is separated and easy to click. While some cheap voice mouse function keys may only have one, you need to remember different actions to press the same key.
  • From the appearance of the product, Tess Mouse adopts an ergonomic design and offer two classic colors for you to choose.
  • The most important thing is that TESS Mouse has passed all the certifications for Japan, UK, EU and US markets, but other cheap mouse has no certification.
For more detailed comparison, Click Here.

Tess Mouse doesn’t need to be recharged very often, it can be used for at least two weeks on a full charge, or even a month with infrequent use.

This is a blue ocean product. People will be surprised when they learn about the great function of TESSGIFT® AI Voice Mouse.
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