After-Sales Service and Information Security & Privacy

We do our best to guarantee a rigorous product design and perfect product quality. We are committed to high performance and personalized user experience, and provide complete after-sales service.

After-Sales Service Terms

TESS GIFT Ai Voice Mouse, from the date of sale, if hardware failure in normal use, we provide 12 months of free guarantee service, including but not limited to repair or replacement. 

However, man-made damage, dismantling by unauthorized personnel, or normal wear and tear are not covered by guarantee service. 

Note: Warranty and support options vary based on products, country, and local legal requirements. 

If some of our general terms conflict with the local laws or policies of the place where the consumers are located, the local laws/policies shall prevail. 

We do not object to our distributor’s revising and undertaking part of the after-sales service terms without reducing the level of consumer protection.

Information Security & Privacy

  • The mouse has a built-in microphone that collects sound and then sends the processed sound signal to the server. The server will recognize the processed sound signal by artificial intelligence, convert it into text (or translate it into target language at the same time), and then transmit it back to the user’s computer.
  • TESS GIFT Ai voice mouse choose, and only use “Google Translate” as our voice recognition and translation service provided.
  • In the whole process of “voice transmission – voice recognition – text return”, all the links are completed by computer programs and artificial intelligence. No need for human participation.
  • The application software will creat a log file in the C disk of the user’s computer (C:\TESS GIFT\Log), which is used to record the mouse working status within 24 hours. That log file may contain a record of the mouse’s “voice to text” usage information over the past 24 hours. If you had ever use AI voice mouse on a public computer, please delete this log file in time to avoid possible privacy disclosure! (The creation of this log is mainly used to help judge/solve faults. Technically, the log will not be sent to any organization or individual unless the user actively provides it.)

Based on the manufacturer’s prudent self-assessment, this product’s function design complies with European Union’s “General Data Protection Regulation” (EU-GDPR) and Directive 2000/31/EC.

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