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TESS GIFT AI Voice Mouse uses Google’s speech recognition and translation, and it is paid commercial grade, which should be objectively more accurate than the free version we personally use. If your experience with the mouse is not good enough, please refer to the following suggestions.

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User Manual

You can refer to the online user manual with more detailed guides on our website.

Voice Typing

First of all, please set the user language to your native language in the software TESSGIFT. In order to improve the accuracy of voice typing, please refer to the tips below.

Tip 1: Turn on the continuous input function to ensure more complete speech recognition, because when this function is off, you need to keep pressing the voice typing key on the mouse while you are speaking. If there are other people talking around, you can turn this feature off because it will recognize the voice of everyone speaking. Please refer to the user manual / continuous text

Tip 2: After pressing the voice function button, you’d better wait 1-2 seconds, or see the voice function prompt box appears small microphone iconbefore starting to speak.

Tip 3: Please say what you want to express as coherently as possible to avoid too many punctuation marks of  “.” period.   

Tip 4: Please try to say sentences that express the full meaning and are grammatically and logically correct.

Please note that the voice recognition will have errors in the following cases.

  • The internet connection is unstable.
  • When the battery of the mouse is very low and needs to be charged, there will be a red light flashing at the scroll wheel.
  • When you start speaking very soon after pressing the voice function key, the first few words will not be recognized. 
  • For not commonly used names, places and professional terms, the mouse voice recognition is not yet very accurate, encounter this situation, only through manual modification. In the future, the mouse will slowly learn to use more special expressions.
  • For a single word, voice recognition may not be accurate, because according to the pronunciation, the mouse may not understand what you really want to say. Try to say sentences that express the full meaning and are grammatically and logically correct.
  • The mouse will not recognize the sound of audio and video files, try to let the mouse recognize the sound of your speech.
  • When you use voice typing in some special text editors, the mouse’s voice recognition will be very wrong, such as the translator DeepL which I am using now. When you encounter this situation, you can only change to another text editor.

Voice Translation

The prerequisite for accurate translation is accurate voice recognition. When you use the voice translation function, please pay attention to whether the voice to text part in the voice translation prompt box is accurate? 

When you first start to use the mouse, it will be inaccurate in recognizing not commonly used names, places and professional terms. 

For example, you are working in a hospital, you may have used medical terminology during the test. At first the mouse cannot understand the special terminology, it just matches the common words according to the pronunciation, then you need to modify the wrong part of the incorrect recognition by hand, or adjust the words used when speaking if possible. Later, after using it more, the mouse will learn the special expressions you commonly use.

If you are using windows system, you can turn on the “edit to send” function in the preferences to modify the wrong part of the incorrect recognition. Plese refer to User Manual / Edit to Send


For punctuation, the mouse is judged by the length of the pause and the tone of your speech. If the pause is short, it will add a comma”,”, if the pause is slightly longer, it will add a period”.”, and if you are using a questioning tone, it will add a question mark”?”.

Voice Search

Apple macOS system does not support voice search. Since macOS systems are not open, the voice search feature is not available, causing you to only open the default browser when you use the voice search button. You can try to use the mouse on a windows computer if possible.

Exit and Restart

When you click any voice function button on the mouse, and the voice prompt box does not appear, please exit the software TESSGIFT first, and then restart it. 

The suggestions above are based on most common experience with the mouse. If these suggestions can’t solve your problem, we hope you can contact us with the specific problem you are experiencing, which will help us further improve the mouse experience.

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